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On Board Unit (OBU)

Partners: TomTom, GreenCat, Catena, Logica


The objective of this work package is to specify, design, develop and test the onboard unit, including hardware and software upgradeability. Within the scope of this work package three product lines will be identified; one for the high-end market (OBU-E), one for the low-end market (OBU-A), and one for research purposes (OBU-T). The latter will include the existing CVIS box connected to either an existing TomTom navigation device or any other of the head units:

This onboard unit is the platform which is foreseen to be integrated in low end cars, as a solution for high volume integration of both entertainment (digital radio) and traffic or navigation related applications. The latter by means of extension modules.

The high-end compliant head unit is the platform foreseen targeted both at high-end cars and at commercial vehicles (e.g. trucks). As such two variants might be developed in this work package: one for cars, and one for commercial vehicles (e.g. trucks). It can combine all safety related applications with the newest applications for entertainment, navigation and traffic management purposes. The applications developed on the CVIS platform should be able to run on the new platform through an extension module. This platform also supports integration of extension modules. In this case the extension module will be software-only


ITS research Head unit (OBU-T); retail TomTom PND adapted to connect to an existing CVIS box.

Next to these, modules will be developed that can be connected to these head units:

  • ADAS compatible module that supports ECO driving and E-horizon applications.
  • Digital Radio Module module that supports different flavours of digital radio: DAB, DAB+, DMB etc.
  • DVB-T Module module that will support DVB-T
  • CVIS Module module that supports CVIS functions, including CALM communication.
  • A module that supports road pricing functions for Toll Roads and similar applications.
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